Floyd Mayweather Says, I'm Better Than Muhammad Ali

Floyd Mayweather has created the bold declare that he is the greatest boxer of all time.

Ali is generally considered the best fighter to ever step between ropes, but Mayweather, be prepared for his much-anticipated showdown with Manny Pacquiao upon May 2, asked Stephen A Smith of ESPN: “How? He just fought in a single weight class.”

This individual included: “No anybody can ever brainwash me to create me believe that Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali had been better than me.

“But one thing I'll do: I'm going for taking my hat off to those guys and also esteem those guys because those are the guys which paved the way for me.”

On Ali, he included: “Leon Spinks defeat him when he had 7 fights. They would never put a boxing fighter in there with Mayweather with 7 fights. So are you currently going inform me that it is cool to lay about the ropes and take punishment and also let a male tire himself out from beating you after which he basically fatigued?

“You hit him having a few punches and he drop and quit, and you wish to be glorified for that? ”

Source:: This atop story is based on materials provided by the ESPN and image credit Yahoo News.


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